Xi Jinping reportedly suffering from ‘cerebral aneurysm’ – Times of India


BEIJING: Chinese President Xi Jinping is suffering from “cerebral aneurysm” and had to be hospitalized in late 2021, media reports said.
It is learned that he would rather be treated with traditional Chinese medicines than surgery, which softens the blood vessels and shrinks the aneurysm.
Recently, there has been speculation about Xi’s health as he had avoided foreign leaders since the outbreak of Covid-19 until the Beijing Winter Olympics.
Earlier in March 2019, during Xi’s visit to Italy, his gait was observed as unusual with a noticeable limp and later in France on the same tour, he was seen taking support while trying to sit down.
Similarly, during a speech to the public in Shenzhen in October 2020, his delayed appearance, slow speech and coughing again sparked speculation about his ill health.
These reports come as the Chinese economy is under significant pressure from oil and gas price hikes and supply chain disruption caused by the conflict in Ukraine, and the strict implementation of the zero-covid policy.
With the Chinese president on his way to a historic third term, the country has decided, in a tactical move, to temporarily suspend focus on “common prosperity”, impose sanctions on tech giants, and rush instead. to stabilize the economy, which is under a lot of tension.
Ahead of the upcoming 20th party congress, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is tactically moving away from its “common prosperity” policy as the economic slowdown does not make the country less attractive to investors as per reports.
As Xi prepares to be re-elected to a third five-year term later this year, he has sought to portray China as more prosperous, influential and stable under his rule.
The country’s officials, who until a few months ago were frantically promoting a new era of “Common Prosperity,” punishing tech giants and wealthy celebrities, have shifted their focus to keeping the economy stable and growing, for now.

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